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Latha said...

Namaste Gayathri garu,

Thank you very much for your article.... meeru cheppinde maa paediatrician kudaa chepparu... maa paapa chala sannaga vuntundi... net lo search cheste chala vachai...variety of foods nenu avi ivvalekapoyane ani badhapadda... kani mee article chadivaka satisfy ga vundi...

ushakiran said...

Gayatri garu, i accidentally stumbled upon your website while searching for a recipe with kakarakayalu. I fell it love with it instantly.. i tried your kakarakaya ullipaya koora recipe .. i followed it to the tee...and it turned out GREAT!! even my sons who are picky eaters tried it and finished it!! I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for your simple to follow recipe.. thank you so much!
Best Regards,

Bhargavi Nagaraj said...

hi gayatri garu,

Ur site is super regarding sunnipindi can i use it for my baby she is 2 yrs 2 months old

Jyostnachowdary said...

hi gayatri garu really ur experience with kids and tips are soo helpful for me thanks for ur suggestions and ur recipes also soo nice

Seenu said...

Hi Gayatri gaaru,

Mee vantillu super andi. Chaalaa kotha kooralu nerchukunnanu.

I am enjoying the food these days.

Thanks for all your inputs.